Behind the Portrait

Behind every portrait is a story. These stunning frames are just some highlights of Gulf Photo Plus’ annual community exhibition, which was based not just on the portrait but also on the photographer’s tale that accompanies it.

Ranging from the poignant tale of Mexico’s Friendship Park, where people who are divided by the impasse between North and Central America meet and converse through an iron fence to the unbreakable bond between twins, the photographer’s views attached to these images bring an extra layer of insight and relevance.

Over 500 images were submitted for the exhibition and the final selection contains work from 38 photographers. With each story, the viewer is encouraged to gaze deeper into the life of the subject, and the moment in which it was captured.

The images and their compelling stories will be accessible on the gallery’s website even after the exhibition ends. 

  • Behind The Portrait. September 13 - October 7, 2017. Gulf Photo Plus, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai