Calligraphy pop up show introduces new forms

Wissam Shawkat. New Geometry 4.  © Wissam Shawkat 2017. Courtesy of Mestaria.

Wissam Shawkat. New Geometry 4. © Wissam Shawkat 2017. Courtesy of Mestaria.

The art of calligraphy is bound by strict rules and considered to be a traditional art. But Wissam Shawkat, whilst trained as a master calligrapher, has spent years pushing his boundaries both as a craftsman and an artist towards new styles and approaches.

Calligraforms are abstracted formations of precise letter shapes, where the emphasis is on the lines and curves. By focusing on the graphic quality rather than meaning, Shawkat is offering a contemporary approach to this ancient art, making it fresh and more relevant to today’s audiences.

Not only has he adapted his form and technique, he is now experimenting with presentation and has made a collection of limited edition, fine art prints to best display the graphic quality of his work. In 2015, he first produced screen prints for an exhibition in Tashkeel and has been exploring the possibilities of print since then.

For one-night only Shawkat's work will appear in a pop up exhibition in DIFC. All the works will be fine art prints in limited edition and it is a great opportunity to get your hands on one of these beautiful works.

  • Intersection by Wissam Shawkat. November 1, 6-10pm. Intersect by Lexus. DIFC, Dubai.