Kuwait City captured in a photo exhibition

Farah Salem, the winner of the 2017 edition of the International Women Photography Awards, will open a solo exhibition at La Galerie at Alliance Française in Dubai.

Her series of portraits and street photography that depict an urban portrait of her home town was compiled over five years during which she explored the multicultural streets of Kuwait City. She said, she wanted to explore the unseen side of the landscape and its people.

“I aim to allow people to see that there is more to Kuwait City’s urban life than the dazzling, modern and luxurious buildings that somehow feel lifeless,” she said. “Behind them are the most scenic streets and passages that tell a far more powerful story. Our modern buildings are closed and we do not get a chance to experience nature or life outdoors. I want to remind people, especially locals, that it is possible to walk around and explore the city because it is truly magnificent in its own way. I crave exploring on foot, and the only places that have welcomed me to do so are the backstreets of Kuwait City.”

Salem is an emerging talent and one with a lot of promise. I personally enjoyed discovering her work in March 2017 when she was unveiled as the winner of the prize and I am looking forward to discovering more of her pieces in this exhibition, which is curated by Antidote Art & Design in collaboration with the Alliance Francaise.