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SAF Opening Night

Three exhibitions open the new season in Sharjah:

Frank Bowling: Mappa Mundi [Map of the World]

Guyana-born British artist Frank Bowling is a leading international artist who is probably most famous for his Map paintings. They are large colour blocks, that, upon a closer look, have the outlines of continents painted on top of them and address issues of colonisation. Many of these paintings are gathered for this solo exhibition in Sharjah, which occurs only months before Bowling’s major solo retrospective at the Tate in London next year.

The March Project 2018

An exhibition featuring commissioned works developed during the foundation’s annual seven-month educational residency programme. This year’s participants are Shaikha Al Mazrou, Lêna Bùi, Baris Dogrusöz, Hind Mezaina & Tulip Hazbar and Ayman Zedani. They explore issues of urban development and their impact on material and non-material culture.

Ala Younis

Work from the past 10 years of work by research and multidisciplinary artist Ala Younis has been collated for this solo exhibition. Her early works, Nefertiti (2008) and Tin Soldiers (2011) pit social life and subjectivity against political and historical narratives and a new commission questions the establishment of television dramas across the region.

Earlier Event: September 26
Later Event: November 12
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